Topic: Download Mod

Adds a download section to your forum.

This mod only uses the database for the configuration.
All files are fetched from the download folder.

If you uninstall this mod you have to manually remove
the downloads folder.

This mod doesn't have an upload function, because it
was orginally build for big files ( > 20Mb ).

Punres.org topic
Click here to see screenshots and downloads.

There is no language support yet. I'll add it if this mod is usefull to others.

Planned features:
- Download limit for users
- Usergroup access
- Language file support

Re: Download Mod

from your screenshots this mod looks very cool.  good job man!

Re: Download Mod

Heh. I just added a directory indexer to my site, but this looks better.

I'll be trying it out later.