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My first C++ program big_smile. I wanted to make style developing easier. So I though if something makes the style files and image folder for me, it would be a bit less work. So I made a tool, with some help from elkekko.

I hope it is usefull ^^.
btw, it works only on windows.



  Name: MakeStyle
  Copyright: Frank Smit 2008
  Author: Frank Smit
  Date: 30-12-07 16:44
  Description: A tool for style developing in PunBB.
               This tool creates the style files and
               a folder in the img dir.
  License: BSD, see license.txt for the full license


Note: This tool works only if you have your PunBB installation running local.

- Extract the archive somewhere.

- Open config.ini and congire everything.
  For configuration help read the config-info.txt

- The CSS that the files style.template and style_cs.template contains comes
  into the style you create. style.template stands for *yourstylename*.css
  and style_cs.template for *yourstylename*_cs.css. You can change the css 
  in these files with Notepad or an other texteditor.

Note: All occurences of <stylename> in the style.template and style_cs.template files
      will be replaced by the name you specified.

- Now you can start makestyle.exe and type the name of your new style and press enter.
  MakeStyle then reports wich files/folder it made. Then you can press enter to close MakeStyle

Thats it :D

MakeStyle sourcecode

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1 suggestion: I would rather MakeStyle create a folder in it's own dir and store the style/files/folders I make there. Not everyone has a localhost setup and use a live setup for dev. I have both and use my test website for development and not my localhost. Or is that what editing the config does?.... tongue

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Re: MakeStyle

Yea, you can edit the config to get that, I didn't built it for that. So just try smile.