Topic: Opera and PunBB 1.3

It is an error on Opera browser with Administration tabbed menu (submenu). IE6 & IE7 are ok!

Opera 8.54
PunBB 1.3 rev.1262

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Re: Opera and PunBB 1.3

Bug report for 1.3 is not accepted yet and the admin panel is in the process of being modified:

rev. 1264 wrote:

Started admin update. Things are liable to get a little flakey for few days while this is completed. There will also be some small stylesheet revisions required to cure inconsistencies exposed by trying to use the same markup and css for the public interface and admin.

Re: Opera and PunBB 1.3

yemgi summarized that pretty well wink

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Re: Opera and PunBB 1.3

That is also Opera 8 which has a few nasty bugs. The default stylesheets for PunBB 1.3 will fully support Opera 9 and newer versions.  If you want to support Opera 8 then tinker with the stylesheets accordingly.