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Hi. I set up my forums on a host, and they worked fine. However, when I moved my forums, the admin cp could not set some of the settings because of a cache write error.

I did set my permissions to allow writing to the directory, but it still gives that error:

Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

I think I read somewhere that you need to do something when moving the forums to a new host, but im not sure what that is. Do I need to adjust something in the files or the database?

if i need to change something in the database, id appreciate if you could tell me exactly what needs to be changed(table, field, values), because I dont have a working phpmyadmin yet.



Re: Cache Error

I think you should change o_base_url in the database!

Re: Cache Error

Chmod the cache folder and delete all the PHP files in it.


Re: Cache Error

Thanks elbekko