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Hello, I need a mod that will automatically resize signature pics, as people are putting huge pics in their sigs & its messing up my forum. I have a mybb forum which has this option in control panel, but alas punbb does not follow suit.
Does anyone know where or how I can implement restriction & resizing of signature pics?
I look forward to replies. Thanks

Re: Resizing Signature Pics...

search for function handle_img_tag in include/parser.php

Re: Resizing Signature Pics...

If using punbb 1.3 beta you can configure the size of avatar at the direction as follow:

My PunBB forum » Administration » Settings » Features  » 5. User avatars (upload and size settings)


Re: Resizing Signature Pics...

Hi, thanks for replies. I have version 1.2.17.
What shall I do with this text once I have found it? handle_img_tag in include/parser.php