Topic: Linux Gos gadget beta 3 problem!!!

When i installed gos gadget beta 3, vista got deleted.

And yes i have the vista cd.

Bot when i try install it, it stays: You don't have the right partion. To install vista you need a nstf partion.
And i know in gos, i have to go to admin - adminstration- partion editor, bot it isn't there.

What should i do, to install vista again?

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Re: Linux Gos gadget beta 3 problem!!!

Maybe you're trying to install Vista on an Ext3 filesystem.
You could:

  • Format your HDD

  • Make two partitions (both without any filesystem [a.k.a. no format])

  • Install Vista on one partition

  • Install this "gOS" you talk about on another partition

Now, since gOS is based on Ubuntu, it should have GRUB (bootloader), so the next time you restart it should let you choose between gOS and Vista.