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Topic: add own links after index link?


im not a php expert, but i know how in html , but where i must add in punBB source?
to put some links there after index link?

        <li id="navindex" class="isactive"><a href="http://myproject.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php">Index</a></li>
        <li id="navuserlist"><a href="http://myproject.sourceforge.net/team.html">Team</a></li>

where i can add link my team.html link? in punBB source?

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Re: add own links after index link?

Assuming 1.2*, in the extra links section of the admin panel or directly in include/functions.php.

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Re: add own links after index link?

ok i look into functions.php, but i use punBB 1.3 there is no extra links in Administration Panel or?

Thanks i found it!:D