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Topic: ByDesign Games Community & Support Forums

Using v1.3 with integrated skin for the ByDesign Games forums; a small indie game developer.


The skin was made with about 10 solid hours tweaking CSS like mad. There are still some issues with the skin (if you spot any, let me know!) but the result matches the rest of the site (more or less).

Forum work planned;

  • integrate site-wide use of reCaptcha (PunBB is the only module that doesn't use it)

  • linking to Categories (in very slow progress)

  • listing last 5 topics on relevant game pages (piece of cake, just haven't done it yet)

  • do all PunBB redirects (for confirmations, logging in, etc.) in a 'lightbox' (still churning on how to do this one)

Let me know what you think!

And, thanks for the awesome forums PunBB!


Re: ByDesign Games Community & Support Forums

congratulation, it's really cool