Topic: Migration, punbb 1.2.x to last punbb : how to ?

Hello all,

Well, I failed to find the how-to to upgrade from my old punbb (1.2.8) to the last one.
Please, can someone share some advice ?

Thanks !

Re: Migration, punbb 1.2.x to last punbb : how to ?

Note: PunBB 1.2 styles and modifications do not work on PunBB 1.4

Migration from PunBB 1.2 to PunBB 1.4

Follow these instructions to migrate from your current PunBB 1.2.* installation to 1.4.x.
NOTE: Make a backup of your current forum directory before proceeding. Also, don't forget to make a backup of your forum database. Use the tool mysqldump for MySQL and pg_dump if you are using PostgreSQL. If you're using SQLite, just make a backup copy of the SQLite database file. You can also make database backups via most administration tools such as MySQL Administrator, phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin. It's strongly recommended to make a database backup if your forum is not 100% in English. You can experience data loss in the convertion to UTF-8 if you specify wrong encoding of data stored in the database.
Download PunBB 1.4.x and extract the archive on your hard disk.
Replace your old 1.2 directory with the contents of the 1.4.x archive. Keep old config.php and img/avatars dir. E.g. if you have 1.2 installed into www/punbb/ and forum URL is http://example.com/punbb/. You can use the next steps:

  • rename old www/punbb/ to www/punbb_old/;

  • create new directory www/punbb/ and put PunBB 1.4.x there;

  • copy /www/punbb_old/config.php to new www/punbb/ and /www/punbb_old/img/avatars to /www/punbb/img/avatars.

  • Open forum index and follow instructions.

Watch out :

Tetert wrote:

I had to manually import back my data in my MySQL server to be able to convert to UTF8, and then to run a full install of 1.4 to get a working config.php, and then to use it in the fixed forum.
It was a bit epic, but it is finally working.

Link to post/thread

Ask him directly if in doubt.

Good luck.

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Re: Migration, punbb 1.2.x to last punbb : how to ?

Thanks Keydog for the advice,

Well, if I dont mistake, I have a problem, Houston :
last punbb installed (localhost), config moved, database updated (no error printed), yet I can't access my updated forum because :

Unable to fetch guest information. The table 'punbb_users' must contain an entry with id = 1 that represents anonymous users.

I checked punbb_users table, and that's true I have no user whose id is 1.
Normal ? I don't know*. I come from 1.2.8 I guess.

I would like to update the table with the working information about Anonymous.
Can someone kndly share the sql to add the Anonymous user ?

Thanks !

*Looking at my sql original export I can see I should have the requested Anonymous user

INSERT INTO `punbb_users` VALUES (1, 3, 'Guest', 'Guest', 'Guest', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 'English', 'Oxygen', 0, NULL, 0, '', 0, NULL, NULL, NULL);

But I cant update the new database with the old line wink


Re: Migration, punbb 1.2.x to last punbb : how to ?

On this upgrade, and the UTF-8 thing, read this excellent workaround.

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