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How can i add a new language, for example greek?


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Greek doesn't exist for PunBB yet, so you'd have to make your own language pack. This is taken off the front page:

Language Pack Development Kit

The LPDK is a package aimed at those who want to create language packs for PunBB. It contains everything you need to translate PunBB into your language.
LPDK for PunBB 1.1.* (coming soon!)
The language pack development kit is not available yet. Please base your language pack on the english lang pack included with PunBB 1.1 or one of the downloadable packs above.

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You can download language packs for PunBB from the downloads page:

That's also where Joey got his quote from, above.

There are 20 language packs out now, but Greek isn't one of them. So, as mentioned above, if you know Greek well enough and are willing to make the effort, open one of the language packs and translate from that, then send it to Rickard :)

The English language pack is inside the default PunBB download, under lang\en.