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Topic: Installing Styles

Ok so I have a couple different questions.  First off, how do you install styles on the new punbb 1.4.2 release? I've added my CSS files to the /styles folder and they don't show up either in individual user settings, or in administrator settings.  I read that if I rename the Oxygen style they would show up...that didn't work either.  In fact, renaming the Oxygen style turned my forums into a black and white unformatted mess, and still my styles didn't show up in either options. 

I've designed and coded (kind of, trial and error edits) a few skins for punbb 1.2, and one for punbb 1.3.  I'm a member of a forum that has been using punbb forever and we have many user created skins, unfortunately all of them were coded for punbb 1.2, my second question is, is it possible to modify the .css and _cs.css files of those old skins to work on punbb 1.4.2, because we're in the middle of moving domains, and hopefully finally upgrading...(I swear we've been on 1.2.2 for 6 years or something)

oh here's the forum if anyone wants to take a look: http://tagtemp.257it.se/index.php

you can see why we're changing domains...anyways I think we have some of the best punbb styles around on there, hawky, hawkeye and hawkyfree were done by me, the rest by various members over the last 10 years.