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Is anyone able to provide me with a little assistance in customizing the PunBB theme/style ?

I'm having a little trouble locating the files needed in order to creat my own theme. I have a custom theme for my websites index page, and i want the forum to mimic it.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Theme Creation/Customization

Copy the Oxygen folder in your /style/, name it eg. Mytheme.
Next rename files Oxygen.php and Oxygen.min.css, to eg. Mytheme.php and Mytheme.min.css.
Now You should have structure like this


Last thing, you have to edit Mytheme.php

$forum_loader->add_css($base_url.'/style/Oxygen/Oxygen.min.css', array('type' => 'url', 'group' => FORUM_CSS_GROUP_SYSTEM, 'media' => 'screen'));


$forum_loader->add_css($base_url.'/style/Mytheme/Mytheme.min.css', array('type' => 'url', 'group' => FORUM_CSS_GROUP_SYSTEM, 'media' => 'screen'));

Now you can choose Mytheme in your profile as your style. Last thing is to edit CSS of course smile.

If any of my dropbox link fails with 404 error, change*.zip in address to 82283017.

Currently working on rPlus - responsive theme for developers to create their own themes basing on this one.

Re: Theme Creation/Customization

Ah thanks. Have any sort of guide to what anything in the theme.min.css is relating too? It's a bit tedious trying to find out what part changes what.

Re: Theme Creation/Customization

Is there a way to set the new theme as the default for all users?

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Re: Theme Creation/Customization

New registered users get assigned the default board theme by default, the one your set in board settings.

If you want to apply a new theme for everyone:

  • Upload your new theme inside the /style folder

  • create a folder called "backup" in the /style folder and move the current default theme inside it (should be Oxygen if you have just installed your forum)

And that's it, people will have the new theme as new theme.

If you want to keep Oxygen available in complement of your custom theme, you will have to run a little SQL script that changes the default style for all users. Ask me if you need such a thing.