Topic: How do I install a new forum with an old database?

I'm very new at this, so please excuse me if my questions are excruciatingly stupid.

I need to create a new PunBB message board. I have exported the old database into SQL using phpMyAdmin.

I know how to run the installation of a new PunBB board, but how do I make this new board use the old database to recreate all the threads and user accounts?

Sorry, I'm new and would be glad and grateful for help.

Re: How do I install a new forum with an old database?

If you use the same version of punBB and I think it's best since there might be some changes in the database then just install the punBB as usual,
then in that newly created database replace everything with the backup you just took, also with phpMyAdmin.

If you need a newer version of punBB, then I would reinstall same version as the you used when taking the DB-backup, then later after restoring
the database backup do an upgrade of the forum, hence any changes in the database will be done with the upgrade.

Hope that helps a bit smile