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ollyno1uk wrote:

Hi there

Not sure if this is still being supported but I recently upgraded to 1.4.2 and now I am getting inundated with spam. I tried installing this - no problem. However when I click the antispam in the settings I get that the page cannot be be found. I checked the path and admin.php is present but yet I still ge this 404 error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot




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It would be good to specify the minimum specs for this plugin and punBB

I could not make either work on
PHP version: 5.3.29
but everything works just fine on
PHP version: 5.4.45


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I just thought I should add... Is there a strong reason this should not become part of the puBB vanilla code?

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esupergood wrote:

I've recently had to disable auto-registration due to spambots and spammers. I now require newbies to email me asking for an account.

To be honest, I find this is the only surefire way to stop bots. Wont deter the most tenacious spammers though.


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I have a problem with that extension, when i try to register as new member on my forum i can not even register and of course i can not post...is there a way to be less radical against supposed "spam" ?


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adjust the level of protection extension

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Fancy Stop SPAM 1.3.23 It's not working on php 5.5.38 and punbb 1.4.4
Enabling this extension prevents topic's view!

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My forum is being literally smothered in spam at the moment, is there any working anit-bot/spam plugin for 1.4.4? Preferably without JS.


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Try Pan Moderator.