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Topic: Support for PHP 5.5

I have some free time, so I decided to spend it by improving punbb. I have created a patch, that removes deprecated preg_replace #e from parser.php, and refreshes the opcache (enabled by default in php-5.5).

After this patch, the forum works perfectly with php-5.5 (of course without extension).
http://dev.poldrag.katowice.pl/distfile … p5.5.patch

If the punbb developers agree, I would also like to correct the problem described here, and one other problem that I haven't even reported (in viewtopic.php line 286 posts are ordered by post.id, and in line 55 the time is used to derermine the post's page number).

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Re: Support for PHP 5.5


Would be great if you make this patch as pull request on github in v1.4next branch.

Re: Support for PHP 5.5

Ok, done. Now i will try to fix the problems, I have mentioned earlier.

If you want to contact me quickly - send e-mail, not PM.
<?php $t='<?php $t=%c%s%c; printf($t,39,$t,39,10);%c'; printf($t,39,$t,39,10);

Re: Support for PHP 5.5

thanks .

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Re: Support for PHP 5.5

Not too much point seeing how PHP 7 is planned to come in October.
Nice idea though, to do this for us!

Re: Support for PHP 5.5

So, you made a patch. Great. How does one use the patch? I am not a software expert and don't have a clue what you're talking about but I do have the deprecation error on my pun forum.

Re: Support for PHP 5.5

I'm thinking to PHP7.0.0! ( And maybe later! )
I'm wondered how PunBB will continue the competition with other Board Scripts with supporting this old version of PHP!

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Re: Support for PHP 5.5

5.5.x is the current version used across all hosting providers, using anything above this such as 6.x (which may or may not be in stable condition as of this post) will require more rewrites as each major version of PHP changes how programmers need to write code. Hence why it's hard to find something that is stable on more newer versions of PHP than it is to find software that can run on older versions.

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Re: Support for PHP 5.5

Hello ! Under what delay do you intend to support php7 ? Every script I use support it, but I have to specify 5.6 for the sub-domain with a PunBB. It's not a problem, I can settle the problem this way. I just wanted to convey the error message I met.

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; DBLayer has a deprecated constructor in /homepages/xx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/forum/include/dblayer/sqlite3.php on line 16

Hosting service is 1&1 if this can be of help.

Thanks for everything. Forgive my basic question, I am just a beginner with PunBB.


Re: Support for PHP 5.5

9badik99, in include/dblayer/mysqli.php (similarly in other files of the same folder) replace

    function DBLayer($db_host, $db_username, $db_password, $db_name, $db_prefix, $foo)


    function __construct($db_host, $db_username, $db_password, $db_name, $db_prefix, $foo)
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Re: Support for PHP 5.5

Thank you very much !
Everything is OK now with php7

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