Topic: Pan Antispam - Protecting offline PunBB spam and hacking

How do you protect your forum from false registrations by bots? I think that every administrator protects by its: captcha tests, a means of spam confirm the email address. mail, etc.

And what about the protection of your user profiles? I know several extensions captcha built on verification, but this method is more annoying by the users than the attackers. To protect the profiles at the request of the user aziz was written by a small extension which takes into account the number of false attempts to login to the forum.

When several wrong data entered by the visitor is sent to the banks for some time. He receives a message exceeded the number of login attempts.

Please send your requests to add other features protect the forum from spammers and bots. smile

Download the extension of Pan AntiSpam

More Extensions for PunBB 1.4.4

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