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Topic: Subscription email is not complete

Hello, I subscribed to a forum.
Warning emails about new answers are correct.
Warning emails about new topic lack some information.
Here is the beginning of the a mail that I receive :

> a créé un nouveau sujet dans le forum 'les oratoires' auquel vous êtes abonné.

Voici la message qui a ete écrit par : <topic_starter

The name of the writer is replaced on first line at first by >
and on the second line by <topic_starter

Where should I look, please ?

PunBB 1.4.4

Re: Subscription email is not complete

Hello again :
I notice an other issue in the subscription email : the link to the new post is not correct : it leads to the previous page.
For instance, if the thread has 5 pages, the link to the last post will be for the 4th page. And if I click on the permalink at the top of the message, it leads me back one page before.

It could be an issue with the extension "Header In Each Message" ?