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Pan Moderator  (pan_moderator) - Allows you to moderate the names of the authors of posts, post the date and date of registration.

Create functions for modifying the user's registration date, the publication date of messages and topics, as well as reassigning message authors.

As we develop, we will add various useful functions. Write your wishes, we will necessarily consider them

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Hello, i just installed the new version 0.6.8, one thing i see it still doesn't do when we change the date of a post, it still doesn't change in the list of topics (forum).
So after changing date of posts, the last post of a topic, when you go on the post, you have the changed date, but when you come back to the forum, it still have the original date.
To be coherent, in case the post you change date is the last one of the topic, then better change it too in the list of topics, because it will display another date for the last post on the list of topics.

Another thing, you say "reassigning message authors" is possible, but i don't see where we can change name authors of posts ? it seems that we only can change date.

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In the future version I'll take your favors

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Could someone post a direct link to this? The link redirects to some russian site my screen reader won't read.

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You can use translator