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Topic: Lincence GNU

Can anyone explain me the licence GNU? This product is released under GNU licence v. 2 and I read the licence but I am not much wise of it.

If I want to make some minor changes to punbb like templates modification, creating new templates from the old ones... Or possibly to modify the profiles so that they display different data (as I don't want to use any social networks contacts so I would like to remove these columns from mysql tables but add my own columns...). Possibly I will do some other changes. I want to run this as my own website with articles, which registered visitors can comment to. The goal of this modifications is not to distribute the code but to service the site, where users can post and share opinions... No it is not clear to me ...
1) Do I have a duty to upload source code of such modified product to public?
2) Or in the case that I will not upload the source code onto public site, do I have a duty to send the code to anyone who were to ask me?
Or these duties are only for those who want to distribute the code?

Re: Lincence GNU

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Gener … d_software

You do not distribute the code; you should not show anything to anyone.

Parserus, UserAgentAnalyzer.
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Re: Lincence GNU

Thank you. I read the GNU licence translation because it was easier for me to read it in native language.