Topic: Security fixes

Is there some kind of description of all of the more serious security bugs since PunBB 1.1.1..  I have a forum installed where i did quite a lot of manual modifications, so it would be nice if there was some way of doing the fixes manually..
Or should i just wait for 1.2 and redo all my changes?

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Re: Security fixes

with the hdiff files the updates is much easier than to remod everything ... IIRC there was a security issue if register globals was on, so you should upgrade in that case.

but ... you can always check the changelogs ... they're descriptive... you can find them here: http://punbb.org/changelogs/


Re: Security fixes

Thanks for the link, i looked it through and it seems like its really only one thing that is really serious, but i dont have register globals on so its ok..