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Topic: HTML Tag in message

is it possible to use html tag when posting new mesaage? i tried on my forum - but it didn't work.

you can see it here http://www.rapi12diy.com/porum

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no use bbcode


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Indonesia, is "Selamat" mean "Welcome"?

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No, selamat doesn't mean welcome - you must add word 'datang' to make it welcome. like this >> Selamat datang = Welcome.

By the way - thank you for the information, but is there any inforrmation which is more complete about BBCode? could you tell me where?

and i think it will be nice if i can publish this translation to punbb. where?

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Selamat = safe/well
datang = come

if mONey is lOSt nOThINg is lOSt,
if cHArACtER is lOSt sOMeTHiNG is lOSt,
if rELiGIon and eDUcATiON aRE lOSt eVErYThINg is lOSt.

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that link i gave you is a complete guide to bbcode and if you give a link here or email Rickard the translation i'm sure he'll add it