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Topic: problem .htaccess (ErrorDocument) only with internet explorer

Hello smile

I have a simple .htaccess file on my Web site. It redirects to an "error" page when there is an error.

ErrorDocument 401 /erreur.php
ErrorDocument 403 /erreur.php
ErrorDocument 404 /erreur.php
ErrorDocument 500 /erreur.php

It's ok with Firefox and Opera but... with Internet Explorer 6, it doesn't work sad

Is it a problem with my IE or with the IE of everyone ?

I heard that it is maybe a problem of weight of the "error" page. IE should not use it if the weight of this page is too small...

Does anyone have a solution ?

If someone still use IE, could you tell me if you see my personal error page or the basic error 404 of IE ?

Thanks for help smile

A better world is possible, a better Web browser is possible...


Re: problem .htaccess (ErrorDocument) only with internet explorer

Rador8 wrote:

A better world is possible, a better Web browser is possible...

Yes, and someday somebody will get around to writing it.

In the meantime, IE6 gives me this

Une erreur s´est produite

Une erreur s´est produite sur le site Internet de l´agence Web Rador8.

Cliquez sur ce lien pour accéder à la page de bienvenue de rador8.com.

Vous pouvez me contacter via le formulaire ou poster un message sur les forums pour me signaler l´erreur que vous avez rencontrée.


Cédric Radosavljevic

Re: problem .htaccess (ErrorDocument) only with internet explorer

Thanks Paul,

That's in fact my "error page".

I juste find the solution thanks to Google. In IE in french, in tools/options/advanced options, there is an option "afficher les messages d'erreur HTTP simplifiés".

In English, it's something like "see the simplified HTTP error messages". This option is checked by default (?) on IE, and it doesn't allow to see personalized error message.

It's now ok, i remove this option.