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Topic: lenght of email

Hi ,

If I understand well, with the 1.2.5 the max lenght of an email adress is 50 characters

In email.php
[ code ]
if (strlen($email) > 50)
    return false;
[/ code ]

Where is coming from this 50 limit ? I check in my mailing-list (more than 3500 subscribers) and I found one (only one adress) with more than 50 characters : 59 exactly and I know than this adress is correct !!!!


Could we increase this value with no risk ?


PS: There is something really stange with bbcode [ code ] is not working always ...

Re: lenght of email

This is probably an effort to save some space, as you say less than 1.6% of your subscribers has longer email.
If you do the neccesary changes in the db you can probably raise the limit in your code.

Re: lenght of email

1.6 % of the subscribers is still a lot, but in my case is less of 0.03 % so is acceptable wink

Re: lenght of email

I had never encountered an e-mail longer than 50 which is why I decided 50 was enough. I'll bump it up for 1.3.

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