Topic: Title attribute for links

Can title attributes be added to the standard liks within Punbb?

This would be especially useful for the main links in the board header. For example, if the PunBB is integrated into another page, how does the user know that "Index" will take them to the forum index and not the site index? A title attribute would help here...


Re: Title attribute for links

In practice this isn't normally a problem because the link to a sites index page will normally be called "Home". This is why PunBB's link was changed from "Home" to "Index".

If it is a problem then a more effective way of dealing with it would be to edit the language file to change the link to read "Forum Index" or something similar. The same goes for any other links that clash.

Generally speaking titles are recommended though the downside is that they have to be added to all the language files. Personally, I'm in favour, I think a title for "Profile" which reads "View and edit your user profile" is both useful and has accessability advantages.

Re: Title attribute for links

could they have mouse over attributes? like a tool tip i guess is what it's called.

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Re: Title attribute for links

That's pretty much what a title attribute does