Topic: Thank you so much

I just wanted to write a thanks to all have contributed to this project.

I just set up a forum on my site (, site hasnt launched yet though).

I wanted to say thank you because working with Punbb has been an absolute pleasure. You guys have done a phenomenal job.

The thing is so lightweight and fast. I appreciate its "keep it simple" design. Looking at the about page and at the features youve chosen not to implement section, the only thing there I'd like is the advanced formatting controls, and there are already mods for that!

The XHTML / CSS output is very, very good. (although see my post on it not working when sent with proper mime types).

And above all, its been a breeze to customize! Being able to use the simple template files (pun_include = genious) and CSS is great. And the PHP is written very well, and is easy to understand.

So thanks!

And I'm looking forward to future updates. Just saw in a thread that the next version will have search engine friendly urls. That is very cool, and will fit the rest of my site.

Re: Thank you so much

Indeed punbb is a unique "keep-it-simple" forum, kudos smile

Re: Thank you so much

I'm glad you like it, guys smile

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