Re: Global Announcements - 1.0.5

hmm i didn't mean to offend you, i did give you a pretty reasonable answer, if you had tried then it would have either have just worked or you would have had a specific problem to ask about, and like i said most 1.2.x mods should work due to there not being many changes between the versions... anyway no need to act like that

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Re: Global Announcements - 1.0.5

Okay, I just installed this so I could see just what the heck it is and does, because I could not find a decent explanation (when you guys make these things could you describe them just a little more please?!)
So I am writing this so maybe this will help someone else who doesn't want to have to guess as I have.

   What this does is it adds a section to Options:Administration where the admin can type a message into a form having fields for 1) Topic and 2) Message.
   After submission, a topic-post with an entitlement "Announcement: your subject" will appear at the very top of each and every forum (thus 'global') on your board... except you will not see this announcement on the front page!  It only appears in forums you enter.
   If you submit more than one Announcement, they list by date-order, but always at the top of the list of topics in all the forums.
   Global Announcements otherwise behave just like any other topic that users may post in (thus discussing the announcement.
   There is no administrative management for the announcements in the Options:Admin section... you can only post them from there.  The admin may delete or edit the global announcement from any point of entry through a forum (i.e., go into the announcement topic and edit/delete from there).

   I find this to be a very intersting plugin.  I installed it with no problem into 1.2.12 after editing the install_mod.php for the version number, and then running through the readme's carefully before beginning.  Installation was straightforward, and the resutls are solid... I observe no interference with other mods I have or anything like that.
   Although I think this mod could use some improvement, its an interesting idea, and I am sure anyone with a little php knowledge could make it do some other things.
   I hope I have described this little mod appropriately enough to give a better basic understanding about it.  See, when you got a boob, I mean a noob me around, you might apreciate what might not be readily apparent to others who aren't so familiar with all this forum-tech! '8^O

Thank you Caleb.  I hope you are not insulted by the intention of this post (stated in the beginning).  I felt this was needed, and I hope others may benefit.


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