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OK, first off, this isn't a bug or anything with PunBB. This is just something I am trying to do with it.

So here is my situation. I am creating a site where the administrators can add new entrys to the site via easy to use forms (which have nothing to do with punbb). I am working on implementing a "forum robot" that, when a a new entry is added to the site, the robot makes a new post in a new topic in a certain forum on my forums about that entry.

SO, I opened up post.php, and start mimicking what I saw.

Currently, my robot works great. The posts go in, and I have every part of it working BUT these two commands:

update_search_index('post', $new_pid, $message, $subject);

So, I looked at update_search_index, and said "yikes!". So I thought, screw it, the forum robots posts wont show up in searches.

I tried implementing a copy of update_forum, but I just havent been able to get it working yet. I know with persistance I can, but I wanted to ask here first.

Anyone have an idea of an easier way I can call these two functions from an outside script?

Re: update_forum question

why can't you just call  them as it is?

Re: update_forum question

Well, because the pages with the admin forms are completely outside of PunBB.

But, you got me thinking, and by including config.php, common_db.php, functions.php, and search_idx.php, I was able to just straight use them!

So thanks for sparking my mind. That and I guess actually going to sleep helped me think clearer smile

Its all working great now.

PunBB rocks!