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The other admin on my forum is complaining. He says he can't stay loged in, change his profile, and he can not do any administrative duties.

then he said this

beta3 wrote:

By the way, I get this error when I try to edit posts or change my profile, etc... : "Bad HTTP_REFERER. You were referred to this page from an unauthorized source. If the problem persists please make sure that 'Base URL' is correctly set in Admin/Options and that you are visiting the forum by navigating to that URL. More information regarding the referrer check can be found in the PunBB documentation."

I checked the cache and all and the URL is correct.

Now none of this has happen to me or any of my other users (that I know of)

Any suggestions?

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"All the kids will laugh at you if you didn't read a sticky"

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I read that but why only one of my users.

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read number 3

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He fixed it. Thanks.