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Maybe you'd like to add a little info on your integration between PunBB and DokuWiki here:

http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:discuss … ntegration

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yeh, i'm planning on reintegrating it (hopefully i'll learn from my previous mistakes) and also doing an additional wikisyntax mod on top of it, i'll probably be better writing something then

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hi, i want to install a wiki on my website, but i have some errors !!!!

Just see : http://www.roseon-fr.com/forums/doku.php

I have search on google to find where come from this bug, but i have not found a really good response.

Connorhd if you have an idea ?

thx for your attention

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Connorhd wrote:

no its a funny bug seems to appear sometimes and not others

wiki/common.php line 10:


should be


that will add the text to the buttons, as for the errors at the top, try just commenting out those 3 lines?

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ok i can, but the error are always here ^^ (@ is just for hide error). I want to know why i have them, and if these errors are not very importante.

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the errors are there because your php settings don't allow the script to change ini settings apparently but i have no idea what affect this has, i didn't make the actual wiki


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Good work, i used Wiki for description my projects, but how can i make a new page, is i must create new empty file with CPanel first?

If your people come crazy, you will not need to your mind any more.

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no, just search for the page and then click create page in the corner


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What I do to create new pages in dokuwiki is this:

a) Place a link to the new page on an already created page like:

[[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]

b) Then click on the link, you'll get a page doesn't exist message with an option to create the new page.

Once you get the hang of it, the wiki is an awesome place to enter tidbits of info.

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Hi I just finally installed PunDokuWiki, but I can't change the permissions, when I change the permissions and press "Save settings" it just redirect me to http://punbb.gulbaek.net/&foo=bar and the changes is not saved.


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it's because of 1.2.6 "redirection" script, where extra "htmlspecialchars" applied to url.

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ohh okay, is there any way to fix it ? right now I have to set the permissions manually in the database

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I followed the installation readme for PunDokuWiki 1.1 that was included in the zip download at Punres.org. I've installed on a brand new working installation of punbb 1.2.6 but I got this error when visiting /doku.php

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: html_header() in /home/................../doku.php on line 37

perhaps those of you who have working installations could help me out? I tried installing the 1.0 version of PunDokuWiki but it yielded the same error.


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Quick question :
Is the pun dokuwiki mod working with last 1.2.7 version ?

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should do, try it and see if you hit any problems?

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Thank you Connorhd,

I asked this question because I hope I will install this nice mod soon : so I would like to know wether I do upgrade to 1.2.6 or 1.2.7 ; if it doesn't work with 1.2.7, i will regret not having installed 1.2.6 instead of 1.2.7. (following me wink ?)
I'm also interested in some other mods working with 1.2.6 (don't know if they're ok with 1.2.7)...
Upgrading and installing is not very convenient for me (I do everything by hand, editing line after line in a notepad like, hey, not a hdiff guru).
Anyway, thank you.

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I have some trouble in installing pundoku with 1.2.7 ; I will try to explain what happens :

I believe I have followed every step as said in the readme and I failed.
When I tell the browser to navigate to http://localhost/forum/doku.php I get a cryptic page with Firefox (strange characters ; and what is strange is the fact I can't select them to copy-paste) and, if using IE, I get a message (2 windows) telling me (first pop_up window) that IE can't download the program (sic) and (second pop-up window) printing the well-known window of downloading in progress)

All the files are in the forum folder, or in forum subfolders ; none at the root of the site :

---/forum : doku.php, etc.
---------/ wiki
---------/ style / imports


I don't see where is the admin panel (I see nothing regarding the wiki in the punbb admin panel).

Installation done with 1.1 on punres
Will you help me ?

In my idea the problem is that when I click on the doku.php link, the progam work as if it were a downloadable file : a pop-up (when using IE) asks me if I want to download, open, etc. the doku.php
Don't know what's wrong.


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No idea about the way using last punbb (1.2.8 at this moment) and pundoku mod?

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I don't see where is the admin panel (I see nothing regarding the wiki in the punbb admin panel).

you must have done something wrong then, are you sure you uploaded all the files properly?

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Yes and no,

For the admin panel, it's ok : I have forgotten to upload the plugin folder (wasn't said to be done in the step by step readme wink so I didn't upload it)
I will try again with 1.2.8, but at first look I don't see what mistake I may have done (the panel works fine, saving my pref with no problem). What is wrong is not (to my mind) a php error : when I click on the doku.php, there is a problem and the browser doesn't recognize php but something else, that's why I'm invited to download. (With FF, I got a cryptic page - strange characters -UTF problem??)

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So I have done new pundoku installation with last 1.2.8 and I'm still in trouble ; same as in 1.2.7 (see picture).
At first look, I have followed the instruction as said ; the wiki is in the plugin panel, I'm able to admin the rights, but I can't access the wiki.
All is as if the file wasn't php one, neither a database problem.
What do you think about a utf (or same kind of trouble) problem ?

I would like some help ;
and I would like to know if someone succeeded in installing pundoku with 1.2.7 or 1.2.8. (and how wink)


ps : Environment
    Operating system: WINNT
    PHP: 4.3.3 - Show info
    Accelerator: N/A
    MySQL 4.0.15-nt
    Rows: 567239
    Size: 27.26 MB


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No ?
(I feel like a poor lonely cowboy)


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Arf. Do I really smell cheese ?
OK. I just upgraded to 1.2.8 in real internet and I'm happy to see I have not the same trouble than I had in localhost with pundoku. Seem like it's wrking (some problem yet, but I hope I will solve them).

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Couple of problems:

1 - My dokuwiki page looks awful in Firefox. That's probably a CSS issue but... yuck.

2 - The buttons don't seem right in Safari. They all say "submit."

Please check it out: http://www.macmove.com/mm/forum/doku.php

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Sorry guys, i really need to look into this, i'm just extremely busy atm, until i've moved mypunbb (which is taking much more effort than i anticipated) i'll try to release a new version of this.