Topic: the most liberal place on the net

I know why now. My friend and I have went threw a few names. Any conservative thought you try to post will be deleted and the person that posted it will not be able to post or vote. It's their Liberal propaganda to keep bush bashing tactics going.

Don't believe me try it your self … rum_id=266

It may take a while or it may not but it will happen.


Re: the most liberal place on the net

With all do respect, no politicaly motivated online community will be unbiased. You want to have moderators who have some inkling into the subjects being discussed; however, most people adept enough to fill the shoes are not exactly the most fare and balanced people. Politics these days are a nasty subject because very few people take the middle road. You have your "god fearing" conservatives on one side, and "civil liberity hippies" on the other. The society we live in forces people to be sided with one or the other.

Do give you an idea of the moderators I am talking about, try shifting through the (which, I should note, was recently bought by Rupert Murdock, the FOX news Mogul) political fourms.

Do, or do not.

Re: the most liberal place on the net

Well I registered on there to post a comment about that lady against the war because of her son (Cindy) and it wasn't supporting her. But it was all in legality. then I come back to find that my posting and voting were taken away. We sent emails with no reply and we reregistered and asked why we were banned. (that could of been a bit harmful but it was still in legality). They kept deleting out messages and banning our names. All I can say is Liberal propaganda. They must want to keep everyone liberal hmm