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Topic: Alliance Wars Game Forums

Still needs some tuning, but yeah, it looks kinda neat to me: http://forums.alliancewars.com
Oh. The skin is too cool for IE and all the really 'cool' things are for gekko (haven't tested it yet on Opera either) so grab your favourite Moz and enjoy.

Constructive critisism appreciated.

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Re: Alliance Wars Game Forums

looks very very cool smile

looks like it does in FF in opera for me

for IE theres a few sites around with alpha filter stuff - http://www.daltonlp.com/daltonlp.cgi?it … tem_id=217


Re: Alliance Wars Game Forums


Actually it's not made with png alpha filters, but two separate images. In theory I could get IE to fix the background image(s) to the top left corner of the viewport, but few months ago when I last tried it it wasn't too reliable.
I had a version with 50% transparent black png, but that slowed down the scrolling significantly as compared to this two image thingamabob.

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oh i didn't realise it used pngs at all i though it used css transparency stuff...


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Hehe. That was the third alternative I had. As it works slightly differently on different browsers I left it out.

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Re: Alliance Wars Game Forums

The Forums are now in live usage with some tweaks in the style. You are now welcome to criticize and perhaps try out the game too.