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Can i set cookie of punbb  which expires after user .. closes the Internet Explorer Window .. ??


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in functions.php on line 33 replace:

$expire = $now + 31536000;    // The cookie expires after a year


$expire = 0;    // The cookie expires at the end of the session (when the browser closes)

should work

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Re: Punbb Cookie Modification

How can I set cookie in order to PunBB will recognize me from specific URL Forwarding/Sub Domain?

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i tried above suggestion and code. .
but its not working ..

what to do ?

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The instructions were wrong. Search for:

setcookie($cookie_name, serialize(array($user_id, md5($cookie_seed.$password_hash))), $expire, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure);

and replace it with:

setcookie($cookie_name, serialize(array($user_id, md5($cookie_seed.$password_hash))), 0, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure);

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Re: Punbb Cookie Modification

rickard... thanks for quick reply ..

and thanks .. again .. it worked ..