Topic: Problem with lists

Okay, so I have some phpcode to translate BBcode to hotml lists (<ul><li>x</li></ul>), now it seems like the stylesheets in PunBB destroys lists, but even though i try to add my own style rule for these lists it just wont work, the lists wont show.


Re: Problem with lists

Try making the css rules more specific e.g.

div.pun div.blockpost div.postmsg ul {}


Re: Problem with lists

Heres what im adding to base.css:
ul.post-list, li.post-list { list-style: disc }

heres the html:
<ul class="post-list">
<li>Punkt ett<br /></li>
<li>Punkt två<br />
punkt tvås andra rad<br /></li>
</li>Punkt tre<br /></li>
<li>Punkt fyra<br /></li>

and i get no dots in front of them...


Re: Problem with lists

Soo..  does anyone know what i'm doing wrong here?