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Topic: punTB!

Ok, what im basically doing is integrating punBB and TBdev

What is TBDev?


It is a stable, open source, bittorrent tracker.

What's punbb?

You should know that tongue

What I am working on

Things i have done:

-Integrated tbdev's takesignup.php so when a user signs up, s/he is put in the punnbb_users table so passwords and username are the same for both

-Integrated the loging out, so when the user logs out s/he logs out of both.
-Integrate the Logins, so it will only use TBdev's log in page to log in the forum and the tracker

Things I plan on doing:

-For existing trackers with members when a user log's in the details(username,regdate ect..) get sent right over to the punbb_user's table

Expect arrival: Saturday tongue

Depending if you want to sign up or not i have the beta here:


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project update:


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