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Don't get any ideas, BOH is a comedy website. Sure, we have a filthy vocabulary and our main sources of entertainment could sometimes be described as tasteless as best. But all in good fun.

The main site frontend is not run on punbb, there's a little box on there with the 3 most recent posts though. I've been hacking away at the forum and here's my post from the forums about said changes smile

Dwaggy wrote:

I've been hacking up the forum a bit, PunBB is pretty nice but feature-light. But that was the reason i chose it anyway smile

So since i started writing/installing mods today i've got the following:

Banned user list
Forum rejects (Ban list) - Does exactly what you'd think.

Smileys and stuff
The way it displayed smileys in the reply/post forms was weird. For example: [/b]
It displayed all of them in one line, imagine how that'd look if we installed 20+ new ones.
To add new ones i had to edit the damn source, instead of simply inserting a new row in a database. Changed.
So now they're displayed in a little table to the right of the form, (if it looks weird you probably have the old stylesheet cached in your browser, hit ctrl+F5 to refresh fully), it also only displays 15 of them + a link at the bottom to a new page that has all the smileys listed FOR YOUR EMOTICON DISPLAYING CONVENIENCE

Thread icons
As you may have noticed, there is some internet going on here! I'm making a bunch of thread icons tonight. Gimme some thread icon ideas ok
Okay, i've made a few thread icons. Here's what we got so far
* Normal people icons


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in one word : lol

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A smiley is not a word you silly goose

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have a look at this place if you prefer the words.

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hahah take it easy brah, i was kidding smile

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i'm fine, it's ok  wink i'm just lost with english joke big_smile

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FluxBB - Less is more


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Your forums look very nice!!!

Btw, Goon?

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