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First, greetings to all PunBB community, you have such a nice and fast forum.

Secondly, during one of my 10 000/day google searches I got onto THIS site. Is this punBB too? Looks like and doesn't look at the same time. (look at the Forums part)


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It is PunBB, with a few modifications, and they are selling it as there own product.

Revo Forum project started in the beginning of 2005 and evolved quickly from a static discussion board to a full-featured but lightweight forum. The people responsable for Revo are the Binary ARTS developer team, starting with team developer Kiefer Andrew Kale. Revo is generally faster than any other discussion board, and outputs smaller and optimized pages.

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Looks a lot like PunBB. Have they mentioned PunBB or Rickard anywhere on that site?

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I didn't see anything about punbb there .. but i downloaded the code ... it's very strange ... it looks punbb but very heavily modified ... Has some stuff i never saw before. .. perhaps rickard can look into that ... is it 1.3 maybe? stolen?

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the idea behind Revo Forum was to build a discussion board that :
    * is very fast
    * has a simple layout and templating system
    * is easy to administrate and moderate
    * didn?t output huge, no-valid HTML pages, but instead, be 100% CSS and XHTML 1.0 compliant.

Revo is not a clone of any forum. It combines the best features found in every forum system available in a new and unique package. Its speed and ease to use cannot be matched by any other forum. Do not make the mistake and think that Revo is graphically handicaped. No Sir.


They have removed all copyright notices in the source code, COPYING document, etc.

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I think it punBB, see the Xhtml code even the div ids are punwraper etc..

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Go to Gallery on this fucking rip site. It's PunBB.


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