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There is a new release of IE7 Beta 2 release date 20th March 2006. You can get it here
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie7 … irect.mspx

From what I've read the rendering engine is now complete so web pages should render the same in this version as the final though somehow I doubt that.


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Paul, is IE7 any better than IE6? Features, rendering sites correctly, etc.

I'd like to code my sites using Firefox 1.5 and hope that IE7 renders it just the same.


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Its much better than IE6 but still not quite as good as Firefox 1.5 though it is getting pretty close. My biggest problem is Firefox 1.0.x which is vastly inferior to 1.5 (apart from a couple of new form bugs). If you code your sites for Firefox 1.5 you could get a shock when you see them in Firefox 1.0.7.


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That's good news that IE7 will bring us closer to a uniformed CSS and similar look across sites.

I didn't know about 1.0.7, this a Browser check on PHPXref.com for March:

    Versions            Hits    Percent    
    Firefox 1.6        344        0 %    
    Firefox        186        0 %    
    Firefox        80989    22.1 %    
    Firefox 1.5        4778    1.3 %    
    Firefox 1.4        156        0 %    
    Firefox 1.0.7        19158    5.2 %    
    Firefox 1.0.6        2972    0.8 %    
    Firefox 1.0.5        368        0.1 %    
    Firefox 1.0.4        2355    0.6 %    
    Firefox 1.0.3        227        0 %    
    Firefox 1.0.2        287        0 %    
    Firefox 1.0.1        222        0 %    
    Firefox 1.0        893        0.2 %    
    Firefox 0.9.3        24        0 %    
    Firefox 0.9.2        75        0 %    
    Firefox 0.9.1        16        0 %    
    Firefox 0.8        153        0 %    
    Firefox 0.10.1        178        0 %    
    Firefox 0.10        126        0 %

Damn, quite a lot of stragglers.


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Worse than that. Its not actually Firefox, its the Gecko 1.7 rendering engine which is also used by the current version of Mozilla. Firefox 1.5 uses the Gecko 1.8 engine as will future releases of Mozilla. Now to find out if I can get IE7 working in standalone mode.


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Oh crap! It seems that Microsoft has done the dirty on us. IE7 no longer shrink wraps floats automatically which is fine as thats the correct behaviour but hasn't implemented the :after psuedo class which makes easy float clearing work. That means clearing divs might be making a return unless somebody comes up with something brilliant in the next few days. The only possibility left is to use overflow:hidden but that can cause all sorts of other problems.

Double crap. Version 1.3 just displays as a blank page I guess becuase its wrapped in a float. Plus there is still some evidence of a peekaboo type bug. aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh.

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The missing :after has been reported so we can hope it is fixed for beta 2, or it could be that it is one of the CSS features postponed to 7.5 or 8.


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Hi CodeDuck, I'm not surprised it was reported very quickly. From what I've read the new incarnation of beta 2 is now complete as far as css implementation is concerned so this could be quite serious. This is the sort of problem that can involve markup redesign rather than just a few css hacks so I suppose its a question of wait and see.

EDIT: It looks like I might have to do a patch for 1.2 after all even though I was trying to avoid it.

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Paul, i'm afraid your chase for high compatibility is going to create more work than you deserve or is even necessary. wink

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Oh the joy smile

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."


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Joking aside, the absolute top priority is for PunBB to work pefectly in IE6 and IE7. For some time to come these two will have over 80% share of the market. All other browsers come a very poor second. If you want to know my list for testing in order of priority it is this

Firefox 1.5 / Opera 8.5+
Firefox 1.0.x / Mozilla 1.7 / Safari
IE5 (win)
Netscape 7

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Since I am to lazy to download this newest version, can some one please tell if the made it so the menu bar (when enabled) is at the top instead of the middle of the bloody button set?

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The menu is bellow the address bar but above the tabs and buttons though it seems it can be moved.


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Panic over. The float clearing thing can be solved without difficulty.

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I guess more headaches are on the way... Sorry Paul tongue

Mozilla Offers Alpha of Firefox 2.0

March 22, 2006, 12:35 PM

Mozilla late Tuesday began the push towards Firefox 2.0 with the release of Bon Echo Alpha 1, designed to give a preview of the company's upcoming revision to its popular alternative web browser. One of the most notable new features of Firefox 2 will be its improved bookmark functionality, called Places.

Changes have also been made to tabbed browsing, support for SVG, and numerous bug fixes. While the release is not recommended for daily use, Mozilla is asking users to download, test, and provide feedback on the build. "The BonEcho Alpha 1 milestone is the first of many developer milestones on the path to Firefox 2," Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering for Mozilla, said in a statement.


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No problem at all. Firefox 2 will use the same rendering engine as 1.5 so things should work the same.