Topic: Another simple request - hard-code #top link into page code

Another simple feature request.

It would be good to hard code into main.tpl (and/or index.php etc and the pun CSS)

<a name="top"></a>

just below the top <body> tag, and something like

<p align="center"><a title="Return to top of page" href="#top">Top</a></p>

inserted into main.tpl just after the <pun_footer> tag.

Or you might want to hard-code it into the code for the 'block' class elements of the main page tables, linked into a small upwards arrow .GIF, or something, along the right hand side of the table header.

It's something you'll see on many a vBulletin board - for example as illustrated over at, where you have the top code as a text link right at the bottom of the page and also at the top right of every category table.

When you have a long page, it is a nice usability feature. It can sometimes save a bit of mouse scrolling or several 'Page Ups'...

I'm putting in text links in main.tpl for my own use, but it would be nice as a standard feature.