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Topic: mail.ru members

I'm seeing a rather odd and somewhat disturbing trend during the past week. Just about every day I get one or two people register at my punBB board with a mail.ru email address. I have email confirmation on for registration, so the addresses must be valid. The user IP's trace (as far as I can tell) to Russia and China. Looking at my Apache logs I see each of these new members does exactly the same thing: (a) register, (b) visit the board's first forum, and (c) go away without viewing any posts -- not to be seen again. Are these 'sleepers', with some nafarious schemes up their sleeves? Or am I just paranoid smile

Anyone see a pattern like this before?


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I've had the same thing happen on every PunBB forum that I've setup.

Don't quite understand it myself, some register and never confirm their registration, while others do. Over time, I delete users that have a group_id of 32000, unconfirmed registrations.


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These are the bots that register just to promote the usual drug/viagra websites, getting inbound links via forum memberlists.

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Although I have set up four punbb forums in total, I have never seen this happen. Just a side note.

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Thanks folks. The rate of these registrations is picking up, 7 today. Does Admin > Bans apply to new registrations or currently registered members only?

Ah, found it... Admin > Permissions, 'Allow banned email addresses'.

Small correction on the Admin > Bans page (actually the supplemental page). The help text says 'See "Allow banned e-mail addresses" in Options for more info.' But 'Allow banned email addresses' is on the Permissions page, not Options.

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limber, kewl site is that a mod for bf or bf2?
i might have to load up bf1942 to play it.....


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Quaker, it's a mod for bf42 yes. A BF2 version is in the works...

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