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Topic: My punBB stoped to produce any output


I've been editing my forum a litte and i ahven't made a backup(stupid me). None of the files will pruduce any output at all(including index.php, admin_index.php, search.oho and more)
I the files i edited recently was header.php, functions.php and lang/Swedish/common.php but i can't find what wrong. Ive tried to undo the chages butto problem won't go away

If i check the sourcecode of the pages they don't produce a single line of code. If i put a echo before any of the php code, the echo will show, but if i out it after any php code(the firste line  - define('PUN_ROOT', './'); ) the page makes no output.

There are no error messages what so ever so i have no idea what is wrong

The index.php file is unchanged and the only changed files are main.tpl(worked before), header.php, functions.php and the styles

Does anyone have any idea about what can cause this problem?

Thanks for reading smile

Re: My punBB stoped to produce any output

hmm, have you tried to 'backup' your changed files and uploading untouched files?
(should give a better idea where it might be something interfeering with the code)

Re: My punBB stoped to produce any output

lang/Swedish/common.php is the issue, it's the only one of those pages that would cause a fatal error without displaying one.
Paste the contents of your version of it here?


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Re: My punBB stoped to produce any output

I faced similar problems before -- empty pages. Smartys found out that the problems were due to language files either missing of incomplete. Other possible could be due to uploading in Binary instead of ASCII for text files.

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Re: My punBB stoped to produce any output

yea, it was the lang/Swedish/common.php that was was wrong tongue

I missed a ' at one place. Impossible to find without knowing what the problem is tongue
Thanks for making my life much easier big_smile