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How link "Post new topic" change with image:

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Find, ~line 64 in viewforum.php:

$post_link = "\t\t".'<p class="postlink conr"><a href="post.php?fid='.$id.'">'.$lang_forum['Post topic'].'</a></p>'."\n";

Replace it with:

$post_link = "\t\t".'<p class="postlink conr"><img src="" alt="'.$lang_forum['Post topic'].'" /></p>'."\n";

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would this work for you?

ooo he beat me with a better solution!

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Thanks elbekko

edit// and "Post reply" ? Where line change in viewforum.php

sorry for my english wink

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Change lines ~115 and ~124 in viewtopic.php smile If you have some basic HTML knowlegde, I suppose you can do it tongue

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search for

$post_link = '<a href="post.php?tid='.$id.'">'.$lang_topic['Post reply'].'</a>';

replace with

$post_link = "\t\t".'<p class="postlink conr"><img src="" alt="'.$lang_topic['Post reply'].'" /></p>'."\n";

i think wink

then just line 124 like elbekko said smile

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Something like that I suppose tongue
Oh, and I just see an error in the first one... you can't click on it tongue So I advise to put the link back...

$post_link = "\t\t".'<p class="postlink conr"><a href="post.php?fid='.$id.'"><img src="" alt="'.$lang_forum['Post topic'].'" /></a></p>'."\n";

viewtopic.php: (both lines)

$post_link = '<a href="post.php?tid='.$id.'"><img src="" alt="'.$lang_topic['Post reply'].'" /></a>';