Re: Can't block spam : really very annoying

Paul wrote:

I don't think there is any magic bullet for spam, its just a question of chipping away at it with a number of small steps. Though I still think we need to make it easier to remove spam that has got through.

I agree on both counts. A 5% anti-spam improvement here, a 5% improvement there on an incremental basis is still very worthwhile in the anti-spam arms-race we are all hostage to nowadays, alas.

And yep, I think we need to assume that no matter what we do at the front-end of a forum, somehow a certain percentage of spammers will get their crap through onto even the best run punBB forum, and so we will increasingly need more efficient tools for hoovering spam posts out of a punBB forums.

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Re: Can't block spam : really very annoying

I use Bad Behavior on my forum. I didn't actually change the plugin to write to the database, so I have no idea if it is blocking anyone, but it works on my wordpress blog so hopefully it works here too.

edit: it would be cool if someone wrote a plugin to incorporate bad behavior into punbb's database, and maybe make the results viewable from the plugin.

Re: Can't block spam : really very annoying

for me has allways worked on shared servers a .htacces file with
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 012.34.5.
allow from all

on my root servers i use the file /etc/hosts.deny to block ips or a firewall thru iptables.

greetz from sweden