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I am almost ready to open my Million Dollar Homepage variation (no, it has nothing to do with displaying pixels, that horse is dead).  For those of you who do not know what I am refering to by Million Dollor Homepage have a look at:

Anyway, the reason I write to all of you here is that when I open up my site I don't want it to appear unpopulated.  The hardest part is to get the ball rolling so to facilitate that process I am initially giving away free placements.  A placement is a 130x100 pixel (widthxheight) .jpg that is less than 12kb in size.  Please note that my site is family-friendly and requires all content linked to to be family-friendly too (by family friendly all I mean is nothing illegal, nothing obscene, nothing adult or pornographic, etc.). 

There are no strings attached and no catches.  Though I won't promise I'll use your link.  And if I do use your link, I will remove it at your request if you are unsatisfied.  If it is appropriate and alright for your 130x100 banners in this thread, along with the site the banner should link to, then please do so.  If not, then email them to me at forthlinks at gmail dot com

Thanks for your help.  I only need about 20. 

I will inform you when the site is up.


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Good look with this.

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Thanks, I'll need it! wink

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Okay, I figure I'll try, if you still need any.

I'm wondering also, I'm sure you probably won't tell until the site's released, but what are the differences?
I don't really like the site's that copy Million Dollar homepage that much, but every idea is built on a previous idea, I'm just wondering how different they are. I'm kind of curious to see.

Anyway, here's mine, if you want to use it.

Should link to

I wish you luck with your venture, hopefully it works well for you.

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Hope you come up some new good features that will make your site look apart from zillion milliondoller sites.

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lol its looks like a pretty cool page ! GOOD LUCK tongue