Re: PunBB Miniportal v1.2.x

Hmm. I seem to get this error when I use this script with this one:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/hl2land/public_html/ortz/index.php on line 30

(Line 30 is the first query)


Re: PunBB Miniportal v1.2.x

Hi there - Just want to say, I had a few problems getting all of this to work on 1.2.12, but I've just updated and got it working straight away on 1.2.14.
Thanks Connorhd for your work, it's great!
One thing, I was wonderinf if somebody could tell me how to show the news, so it's not organized by date, but just in a list with something like a horizontal line separating them.



Re: PunBB Miniportal v1.2.x

you mean a news feed or something? There are plenty of ways in wich to integrate news just look around and search the forums.

I usually edit Mr Putos news code.


Re: PunBB Miniportal v1.2.x

I was goign to do that if this method wasn't possible. I just wanted to change the way the news is delivered on the front of the mini portal.