Topic: A different news mod..

My PHP is close to useless, and i'm needing a different type of news mod.

One where you can select individual topics and display them as 'news' rather than just fetching X amount of  from a selected forum.

The topic id's are stored in a database table, and then that data is displayed on a seperate page.

I have the mod for phpbb if its possible that could be converted to work with PunBB.

Any advice much appreciated.

Re: A different news mod..

you could just add a field to the topics table is_news, then make the select for the news says where is_news = 1 or something, then add an extra tick box for admins when you post for is_news?


Re: A different news mod..

I understand what you mean but this is where my lack of php knowledge comes in to affect.

I'll have a go at altering the phpbb version....

Re: A different news mod..

Im searching exactly for something like that.
Has anyone found something ??