Topic: Getting From the Database

Hi, I am wanting to put my news on my website with a title and so many characters from the post (I can do the characters part) but I don't know which tables to get the data from.

Re: Getting From the Database

posts joined with topics should do the trick wink


Re: Getting From the Database

What part of the posts tell them what forum it goes in? because I need topics and post just from a specific forum.


Re: Getting From the Database

easiest way to do that is to set a variable for the news id and as elbekko said you would have to join topics, posts, and forums to preform this.


Re: Getting From the Database

well I was playing around and I tried this from the extern file:
<?php include('http://www.raivestudios.com/forums/extern.php?action=new&show=3&fid=29'); ?>
and it works alright but its not what I want because I also want a snip it from the actual news post too.