Topic: Connecting to Sybase through PHP

Hey all,

Once again a probably silly answer from me big_smile

I installed Sybase ASE15 Express on a CentOS-4 installation for testing (my dad is a DBA for it, so he can test on it too).
Now, I thought, "let's connect to it through PHP, it's supported!". Well, it *is* supported, but I can't figure out how to make PHP understand that I have actually installed Open Client (server on Windows). All the configuration is correct (normally). But it keeps saying that the sybase dll couldn't be loaded at startup... =/

The dll is there and it's enabled in php.ini. It just doesn't see that everything needed to connect is present...
I also tried putting SQL.ini in both the PHP and C:/WINDOWS folder, but that didn't really work >=/

Any ideas on how to make this work?

Re: Connecting to Sybase through PHP

have you chased the user contributed comments down on  looks like there's plenty of examples on ways to make it work.

Re: Connecting to Sybase through PHP

That's all about how to make it work for Linux =/