Topic: Redirect after Delete

If I delete a post on the forum, say on page 3 of a topic, I'm automatically redirected to page 1. Then I have to click 3 to go back to page 3 and continue the work. It can be frustrating if I want to delete 3-4 posts on the same page (flooding) and don't feel like using the multi-delete function.
Wouldn't it make more sense if page 3 loaded after deleting a post?

Anyway this can be changed? It can be done in a mod, but I think this should be a feature of punbb, not a modification.

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Re: Redirect after Delete

I agree, same with deleting users, it should re-direct you back to the userlist in the admin page for further purging.

Re: Redirect after Delete

Hmm. Not sure how we would implement this without all kinds of elaborate tricks. We would need to know the post ID of the post previous to the one we deleted and then redirect to that post.

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