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I'm looking for a similar system for punBB mix between forum and mailing list. Does any one did something similar ?

If someone is ok to work on this project with me ....

Could be a feature fur punbb ?

Below a bit of literacy about m2f (for phpbb)

Mail 2 Forum  joins two separate worlds of internet based communication together.
Until now, the phpBB web based bulletin board or forum systems existed completely separately and isolated from existing email based mailing list or list serve systems. Each system operated independently. Separately, each system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    * Electronic mailing lists are very simple and convenient for the end user, no harder than using the email he or she already uses. The disadvantage is there is little history or organization of past discussions. Emails tend to get lost in time and an email?s content is only available to the original recipients. While some lists servers have the ability to keep a history or ?archive? the email messages, the archiving is usually non-intelligent and non-categorized leaving the user with a mess of unorganized messages. Additionally, ?archiving? is only uni-directional, meaning you may only go back and view the archives.

    * At the same time web based forums like phpBB are very well suited for organized bi-directional discussion. Users may view or contribute to a subject by posting to a new or existing ?thread? of information in any category now or in the future. Unfortunately, this requires the user to use the web based interface, for some this may be less convenient than email.

Although, web based forums and email list serves both have the common purpose of communication, each system achieves this very differently.

The purpose of Mail 2 Forum is to overlap the functionality of both forum systems and mailing list systems. Mail 2 Forum gives the user the best of both worlds.

See here fo more details

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i think thats what is asking for

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The possibility of the connection betwin PunBB and M2F will be wonderful. It will be a real revolution. Cannot wait for it.


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I have been working, for my CM2F application, which is the evolution of M2F, into a multiforum version of it.

By now, CM2F is already able to ran in a couple of different version of CMS, like POSTNUKE, PHPNUKE,XOOPS, MAMBO, etc... Now i am expanding the capacities of the application by making it able to manage messages into other forums.

I have already sone some tests with PunBB and XarBB, and i hope to be able in a couple of days to have the first release available for testing.

CM2F can be found at


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i have just updated the status of my port CM2F for PunBB.


ps - DIgitalgraal and Danyblue are the same person. I just changed nicknames because the older one was too kiddish and i am the original author of M2F.

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I want that too!



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I think news-server interface for web-forum will have better appearence due thread nature of news-server.