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I am having difficulties with making sure that my newly released forum for a client appears correctly across all browsers. Everything appears to be AOK in FF (as per usual) but I have a styling/layout issue in IE7 (as per usual).

The box containing each post seems to be set at 40% width or something like that when you view it in IE7. To see what I'm talking about (it's obvious), check this page in both FF2 and IE7.

Any assistance on what I can do to any of the style sheets to combat this are more than welcome.

Cheers in advance,

~ Rob

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I did not investigate your problem (I can't run IE7 as I only have XP SP1, not SP2 - last time I attempted to install SP2 damn computer froze) but I assume the above will fix your problem.

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Nah I tried that already and it didn't seem to help. But thanks for drawing that to my attention...


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Its not an IE7 issue, its IE6 and IE5.5 as well.


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Looked at it again. The text is the same width as one of inline adds. That can't be a coincidence.


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Bugger! Any clues? Is anyone else suffering from this?


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Paul wrote:

Looked at it again. The text is the same width as one of inline adds. That can't be a coincidence.

Can you elaborate?


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Not really but I can suggest you remove the javascript and see what happens. At least that way you will know for sure whether or not that is the problem.  I just can't see anything else in your stylesheet which would cause that problem and ithe search results don't have the problem. Do you get the problem in the multiple delete view of a topic?


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Yes it does have the same layout error in the "multiple delete view" of a topic, and I'm not exactly sure what "javascript" you are referring to?


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I meant remove the google ads. Do you have the ads in the multi delete view as well?

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Well there's two instances of the Google Ads. The first is the set I have coded into the normal "announcement" box and second is the one's that appear after the first post in each forum. This is made possible by the "AdSense after the first post" MOD.

The first set of ads (announcement box) are the only ones that appear on the "multi delete" view.

Finally, if it helps any, it appeared that I had fixed the problem by adding the following code to "base.css":

.box {width: 728px;}

But when you go to the "Profile" view, the small box that houses the menu items on the left then stretches out to 728px (over the top of the content in the main box on the right) as well, meaning the profile page is practically unreadable. So it wasn't the fix I thought it would be.


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Anyone else got any ideas?